2015 Review and 2016 Fast Foward

This 2015 year was so incredible that I found it imperative to thank everyone involved in it, at least with a simple post.

First of all, a little review of 2015:

  • 9 subjects done at University (only 25 left until I graduate!!), with an average grade of 7
  • 12 books read, see the list here!
  • 3 blog posts (4 with this one)
  • 85 students brought into the world of web development (Yay!)
  • 8 talks
    • CSSConf, Melbourne, Australia
    • BA Front End (May), Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • WordCamp, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Chicas Poderosas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • GDG Devfest, Buenos  Aires, Argentina
    • BA Front End (October), Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • SassSummit, Online talk
    • Front In Sampa, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 1 workshop
    • SassConf, Austin, Texas

It was, for me, an incredible year. So here are the proper thanks to everyone involved:

  • Conference organizers:
    • You made this happen! Thank you for having faith in me and inviting me to give a talk/workshop at your event. Special thanks must go to all the people behind CSSConf Australia, Front In Sampa and SassConf: You all made an extra effort in order to invite me, I live in the Ass of The World, plane tickets are quite expensive and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t had have a chance at speaking in an international event such as yours. This is what a community event feels like. The place where you are born should never be a drawback. Thank you for making me feel so welcome <3
    • And let me make a little recommendation for other conference organizers: Please make sure you tell me everything about expenses on your CFP, since I sadly won 2 more conference and I was unable to attend because I couldn’t afford them. Just let me know if you cover travel and/or accommodation and whether you have a limit of money to cover those (ScotlandCSS is wonderful on that “up to £500 for travel and accommodation“). It’s ok if you cannot afford everything, but please let everyone know in the CFP.
  • Family and friends:
    • Oh well, if it were for me and my lack of self-confidence I would have rejected more than one conference. Thank you friends, family and pets who always have more faith in me than I have in myself.
  • Students:
    • You teach me more than I can ever teach you. Thank you for attending my classes and laughing at my silly jokes!

And now comes 2016…

  • New website! I’m working on it and it will probably be up by January 10th.
  • I’ll try to make at least 7 subjects on University next year, with a better grade, hopefully.
  • CSSConf Argentina is around the corner! I’m working with a great team on that!
  • And last but not least, I hope I get to teach more people the wonders of the web!
Speakers and organizers of CSSConf Au

Some cool people from CSSConf Australia

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