Visas and reservations

This week I began the procedure to get my VISA and due to the fact that I was a little confused I decided to ask a friend of mine how to proceed. What she told me did not surprised me, but saddened me: use your Spanish passport, not the Argentinian.

As many Argentinians  I am an immigrant descendent. My grandparents were Polish, German, Portuguese and Spanish and among them all was my second citizenship, my grandmother’s. Even though it took me a lot of time, after two years I finally acquired my Spanish passport and this journey to USA will be the first time I’m using it. But even if this journey is bringing a lot of joy I do feel a little saddened because of the situation. Besides being a 3rd World Country and besides some much corruption why does the procedure of getting the VISA takes so long when you are South American and so little when you are European? I know, statistics. But we are nice people, people! Continue reading

On my way to CSSConf

CSSConf - May 27th

CSSConf – May 27th

30% inflation is no reason for not travelling and enjoying. I, therefore, have decided to enjoy a few days abroad and visit for the very first time the United States.

My name is MarĂ­a Evangelina Ferreira and I’m a web design professor at the Argentinian’s National Technological University. I began to design websites at the age of 16 and luckily, this profession grew on me. I am passionate about the web, the standards and mainly, about CSS.

As I will be travelling to Florida I said to myself I might as well go to Hogwarts. Yes, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. And after drinking butter beer and riding an hippogriff I will be attending the CSSConf. This conference if the most important to me mainly because CSS is my favourite programming language (as if you could choose a favourite programming language) and I will definitely be able to transmit everything I learn to my students. Continue reading