CSSConf & USA recap

Eva Ferreira at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

That Harry Potter crazy fan…

First of all, I must admit I never understood miles nor fahrenheit measures. After spending a week in the US… I still don’t get them. It’s been almost a month and I was unable to write my recap on my CSSConf experience and my first journey to the United States. So here it is:

My plans for this journey began in late february, when inflation in Argentina was about 30%, it is now turning out to be 40%… I got hold of my savings and decided to travel. As I was planning on attending CSSConf on Amelia Island I also made arrangements to visit Universal Studios in Orlando (yup, I’m one of those Harry Potter crazy fans). On May 21st I took off to Orlando. Continue reading

On my way to CSSConf

CSSConf - May 27th

CSSConf – May 27th

30% inflation is no reason for not travelling and enjoying. I, therefore, have decided to enjoy a few days abroad and visit for the very first time the United States.

My name is MarĂ­a Evangelina Ferreira and I’m a web design professor at the Argentinian’s National Technological University. I began to design websites at the age of 16 and luckily, this profession grew on me. I am passionate about the web, the standards and mainly, about CSS.

As I will be travelling to Florida I said to myself I might as well go to Hogwarts. Yes, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. And after drinking butter beer and riding an hippogriff I will be attending the CSSConf. This conference if the most important to me mainly because CSS is my favourite programming language (as if you could choose a favourite programming language) and I will definitely be able to transmit everything I learn to my students. Continue reading