Color Wheel Animation with CSS Filters

A few months ago I ran into the NSConf Argentina website by Aerolab and I instantly fell in love with those crazy gradients. My animation monster told me to animate them, so I set to work!!

First of all, how was the gradient in those buttons applied? A short trip to Dev Tools answered, it was border-image with a gradient. GREAT!

So I made a simple demo of those buttons: Continue reading

Color Schemes with Sass

Sass is awesome, no doubt. But one of the most interesting features in my opinion is the possibility of helping an user to choose its color scheme (just think of a customizable e-commerce web, whose users design their own website for selling their products). Usually, I’d recommend to visit websites such as Paletton (also known as Color Scheme Designer), a place where you can pick a color and combine it using different design criteria (adjacent and complimentary color, triad and tetrad) in order to get your color palette. But the customization through those websites can get tricky if you wish to use two colors, one main and one alternative. Continue reading

Coffee cups counter

Designer's Coffee, or... How many a day?Rumor has it that designers and programmers live out of coffee, it is part of their blood. But is it true? Among current statics the average USA inhabitant drinks 3.8 cups of coffee a day, does the programmer or the designer drink more than that? Here’s the deal to find out:

The reason behind this project was also to try out a semi-serious project with Sass. Therefore, this was my first real approach to it and I must say I definitely enjoyed it! I hope you have fun and remember you can tweet your score and find out how many coffees you drink per year and the amount you proudly spend on them 🙂